The GLESE Program

The GLESE Program | Growth of Leadership in the Earth Science Education Program

GOAL OF THE PROGRAM: To identify potential national leaders in ESE and provide them with a wide range of tools for raising the status of ESE in their countries.

THE PROGRAM: The GLESE program will provide its participants with a wide range of practical and theoretical tools for implementing the Earth systems approach with earth science and science teachers.


The new generation of leaders will be designated from the following three resources:

  • Early-career ESE researchers.
  • National exemplary ES teachers.
  • Geoscientists who are keen on promoting ESE at the school level.
All those who consider themselves suitable candidates for the program are invited to submit the following documents to :
1. CV
2. A motivation letter with this information:
  • My experience in contributing to the promotion of ESE in schools.
  • My vision of ESE in schools (0.5-1 page).
  • What do I expect to gain from participation in the GLESE program?
Download PDF: The GLESE Program
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