International Geoscience Syllabus

The International Geoscience Syllabus – a joint IGEO/IUGS-COGE report

This joint IGEO/IUGS-COGE report is available for download and can be used by anybody to enable planning and development of their own syllabus.

The syllabus is based on the following principles:

  • it is based on existing curricula around the world since a syllabus based on existing curricula is most likely to be globally accepted
  • the structure of the international syllabus is clearly apparent, even though such structure is not readily apparent in many existing curricula
  • the syllabus is concisely presented on just one page, since a concise syllabus is more likely to be acceptable to non-Earth science educators and teachers; more detail is also provided
  • the syllabus does not aim to indicate progression.

The report is available here as a 1.9Mb word file.


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