NTFI 2021 online

IESO 2021 Online-edition / NTFI Excellent presentations

Country Project Link
Portugal Lousal Mining Site Field Investigation https://vimeo.com/591407995/ca971b85a6
Israel Avdat springs https://vimeo.com/610429037/19c5dd7e9e
Estonia Metal Release from Estonian Black Shale by Natural Geological Processes https://vimeo.com/610437916/8bf98c2c8e
Australia A New Field: Microplastics from Playgrounds Around Australia https://vimeo.com/591406786/3e8b3b46c3
Spain the hydrogeological balance of a karstic lake in NW Spain https://vimeo.com/610448353/261255c054
France Thé Briançonnais’ petrifying springs: a study of alpine water https://vimeo.com/610468156/d81b88cd71
USA Microplastic content of American water resources. https://vimeo.com/610481513/8fdab3163b
Bangladesh Causes and Challenges of Saline Water Intrusion along the SouthwesternCoastal Belt of Bangladesh https://vimeo.com/610448618/c0ca6c8ae2